Motion System Design

Microcontroller supports New Year's resolutions

If you've resolved to exercise more this year, a new watch is here to help, especially if swimming is your game. Creator of swim training aids for the fitness industry, Swimovate Ltd. is using Texas Instruments Inc.'s (TI) ultra-low power MSP430 microcontroller (MCU) to drive its Pool-Mate sports watch, an automatic lap and stroke counter. Based on a single MSP430 MCU, Pool-Mate also calculates speed, distance, calories, and efficiency.

The device is a signal-processing watch powered by a 3-V lithium coin cell battery without voltage regulators, and includes an accelerometer and features that enable athletes to time running, cycling, and even triathlons. The watch records total session statistics, or individual sets and rest periods, so swimmers can see how their stroke changes through their workout. All data is available for immediate recall and is stored in a log for comparison. With an accuracy rate of more than 99.7%, the watch is easy to use, requires no calibration, and works with all major strokes and swimming abilities, from professional to recreational. For more information, visit

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