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Microencapsulated Chemical Locks Fasteners In Place

Expand-A-Seal uses a chemical-locking agent that expands volumetrically 20 to 50% when activated to fill gaps and voids in fastener threads, creating a positive seal against air and most automotive fluids.

The seal also fills gaps from oversized fastener threads and those that may get deformed during welding operations. Upon fastener engagement, full cure is achieved in 24 hr at room temperature. The seals withstand strains of 115 psi and exposures to substances including oils, gasoline, salt-spray, acids, and solvents. As a locking agent bond strength is said to equal most epoxy threadlockers.

ND Industries,
1000 N. Crooks Rd., Clawson, MI 48017,
(248) 288-0000,

TAGS: Fasteners
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