Machine Design

Microstepping Drive

The ION microstepping digital drive is a fully enclosed module that provides motion control, network connectivity, and amplification for brushed or brushless dc motors or stepmotors.

The unit supports two-phase bipolar motors, and can automatically switch between user-defined current modes. The microstepping resolution is programmable up to 256- m steps/step and communicates using an asynchronous RS-485 serial or CANbus network. The drive accepts commands such as position, velocity, acceleration, and jerk, and generates a corresponding trajectory on the fly. Selectable profiling modes include S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing. In addition to trajectory control, ION provides instructions to initialize and control the motion application, monitor performance, and synchronize overall drive behavior.

Performance Motion Devices Inc., 55 Old Bedford Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773, (781) 674-9860,

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