Machine Design

Midrange Workstation, Entry-Levl Server

The IBM RS/6000 43P 140 workstation supports high-performance graphics accelerators for the PCI bus. This helps it speed GUIs and mechanical design applications. One typical use for the workstation: 3D models of automotive and aircraft assemblies. The machine can sport either a 166 or 200-MHz PowerPC 604e processor with 512 kbytes of L2 cache, expandable to 1 Mbyte. Standard 32-Mbyte ECC memory is expandable to 768 Mbytes and 2.1- Gbyte base configuration disk storage can expand to 13.3 Gbytes. External disk drives can be added to provide 291 Gbytes.

Advanced 3D graphics capabilities can be added to provide hardware texture mapping. A complete list of hardware options are available on the IBM Web site.

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