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Midsize applicator packs full-sized punch

Modern production equipment is becoming more and more complex, packing numerous components into tighter and tighter spaces. To help alleviate space constraints, engineers at Spraymation Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, have downsized their popular Electromatic XV applicator. The new Mid Size Electromatic XVI Series Applicator Heads can extrude or spray cold adhesives and similar fluids for assembly and packaging applications. But it is only 70% of the original applicator's size, and weight has dropped from 25 to 15 oz.

The midsize applicator has stainless-steel wetted parts and uses many of the same parts as the original Electromatic. The applicators are totally electric, require no air for operation, and have only one moving part. This means they provide drip-free operation and are said to reduce maintenance. The applicator is capable of a maximum operating pressure of 2,000 psi, and the 24-Vdc solenoid can be controlled by the user's PLC or one of Spraymation's pattern controllers.

The fluid section contains all operating parts and can be easily replaced. There are no seals or packings, which are usually the major sources of problems with air-operated applicators. Thus it responds uniformly, providing accuracy and repeatability. Fluids flow in a straight line, therefore there are no trapped areas or pressure losses due to directional changes.

The Electromatic XVI needs no additional valves or wiring for operation. Actuations over 1,800 cycles/min are typical. Material can be supplied to the applicator by high or low-pressure pumps, pressure tanks, or gravity feed. The applicator will also accommodate a variety of single, dual, and multiple-orifice extrusion and spray nozzles.

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