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Military-Approved Tool Case for Civilian Use

The combat-ready 0450 tool chest designed specifically for the U.S. military as the GMTK (General Mechanics Tool Kit) is now available for civilian use.

Constructed from structural-grade, open-cell core, polymer, the 0450 will protect tools from the harshest of conditions. With the ability to hold up to 100 lb of tools, the case has been tested to meet and exceed 96 demanding military standards that include high impact, extreme temperatures, and submersion.

The tool case has seven (six shallow and one deep) removable tool drawers, and the top compartment features a removable utility tray and lid that opens 180° to create a mobile workspace capable of holding up to 50 lb.

For security, two hybrid, double-throw latches with butterfly compression technology (capable of withstanding 328 lb of pulling pressure each) and two extra standard latches, work with a polymer O-ring in both lids to secure the case and maintain its watertight seal. The case also has two automatic pressure equalization valves (one in each compartment) that prevent vacuum lock and make the case easier to open at extreme altitudes.

Additional features include a widened wheel base that stabilize the case on soft and hard surfaces so it won’t tip to the side during transport with a full load of tools; a heavy-duty, extended pull-handle; extrathick-polyurethane, stainless-steel, ball-bearing wheels for all terrain mobility; and an extra-deep handle on each end of the case so it can be lifted from either an open or closed position.

Pelican Products Inc.
23215 Early Ave.
Torrance, CA 90505
(800) 473-5422

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