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Machine Design

Miniature Differential-Pressure Gages

Miniature differential-pressure gages can replace full-size models and are ideal for direct mounting on filters, pumps, tanks, hydraulic systems, fluid lines, and similar equipment.

These compact, lightweight gages and switches are particularly suited for OEMs.

The gages are milled from solid-aluminum blocks to handle line pressures to 3,000 psig. Differential pressure ranges are selectable from 0 to 25 in. H2O to 0 to 100 psid, with full-scale accuracies of 5%. The miniature gages come with either piston or diaphragm sensors.

Switch models let users activate alarms or control processes at predetermined setpoints. Several styles are available including standard dial-pointer gages, differential-pressure switches, gage/switch combinations and special designs that indicate changing pressure on brilliantly colored scales visible from any angle.

Orange Research Inc., 140 Cascade Blvd., Milford, CT 06460, (800) 989-5657,

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