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Machine Design

Miniature Fluid-Power Tubing

High-performance polyurethane tubing, coiled polyurethane tubing, and high-pressure tubing is designed for applications in medical, dental, and industrial fluid-power systems where flexibility and reliability are required.

Polyurethane tubing resists kinking and abrasion and sports superior memory, elasticity, and resistance to water, ozone, oil, and grease. ID ranges from 1/16 to 1/4 in. Working pressure at 75°F ranges from 93 to 176 psi and 47 to 88 psi at 150°F.

Coiled polyurethane tubing has a maximum extended length of 10 ft with 8 ft of working length. It's available with one 16-in. straight tail and one 8-in. tail. ID ranges from 1/16 to 1/4 in., and custom configurations are available.

High-pressure tubing can be used with compression fittings. ID ranges from 1/32 to 0.170 in. Working pressure at 75°F ranges from 172 to 2,400 psi and 68 to 2,400 psi at 150°F.

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