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Machine Design

Miniature Guideways

The new Minimodule line is a compact, linear guide with a miniature ball guideway and tooth-belt drive.


Minimum height is 16 mm. Both the rail and carriage are stainless steel, as is the main structure of the modules. Options include a limit switch, cover strip, and bottom mounted motor flange. (Top mounting is standard.) A second Minirail carriage can also be added to handle heavy loads. Maximum length is 1,142 mm and maximum stroke is 886 mm. Maximum speeds can hit 5 m/sec. Repeatability can be better than ±0.03 mm. Typical operating temperatures are 40 to 80°C. The devices handle short-term temperatures up to 120°C. The Minirail carriage can safely be removed from its guide without balls falling out and is interchangeable.-Each carriage includes wipers on each end to prevent contamination and to keep the lubricant inside the carriage.

Schneeberger Inc.,
11 DeAngelo Dr., Bedford, MA 01730,
(800) 854-6333,

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