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Machine Design

Miniature optical encoder - MicroE Systems

The Mercury II 5000 miniature, high-resolution optical encoder is designed for next-generation precision manufacturing, inspection, metrology, and medical equipment. The encoder features up to ±20-nm short-range accuracy (cyclic error), programmable 5-µm to 1.2-nm linear resolution, programmable interpolation, ±2° rotational tolerance about the Z axis, and ±0.15-mm ride-height tolerance.
A new A-quad-B output provides up to 5 m/sec at 0.1-µm resolution and 10-m/sec maximum speed.
The adhesive-mount PurePrecision tape scale system handles the requirements for an index that can be placed anywhere. The system lets installers cut any required length from a reel; adhesive backing and an application tool do the rest. Linear glass scales handle applications requiring high long-range accuracy — up to ±1 μm.
The encoder’s index is bidirectional and provides 1-LSB repeatability at all speeds, while fail-safe left and right optical limits enhance safety and reduce cabling.
MicroE Systems, 125 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, MA 01730, (781) 266-5750,

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