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Machine Design

Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

Miniature photoelectric sensors sport features such as pushbutton teach mode setup.

The PD32 Series has a long sensing range and lets users access features via a single pushbutton. Features include programming the sensor to recognize objects, setting the sensing range, and inverting the output. The sensor also allows for dynamic teach mode in which it can be programmed while the application is running. All functions of the pushbutton can also be accessed remotely via a remote teach wire. Sensors are available in either npn or pnp transistor outputs, with 10 to 30-Vdc power supply, and an operating speed of 1 kHz. Sensing ranges are 500 mm for diffuse, 2.5 m for polarized retroreflective, and 6 m for through beam. Also available are a background suppression model with 120-mm range and a clear object detection model with 500-mm range. List prices start at $110.

Carlo Gavazzi Automation Components,,
750 Hastings Lane, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089,
(847) 465-6100,


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