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Machine Design

Miniature sensor - Turck Inc.

The BIM-UNR miniature sensor are designed to mount within C-groove cylinders with no required accessories. The sensor is inserted into a C-groove from the top rather than from the side. A built-in tab on the sensor’s side keeps it in place for one-handed mounting. A 1.5-mm hexagon mounting screw, located near the cable exit, requires only a quarter-turn to securely mount the sensor. Even if the cable is pulled, the sensor remains fastened.
Mounting inside the C-groove protects the sensor from mechanical damage. The sensor’s active sensing element is located at the bottom of the groove as close to the magnet as possible for reliable detection, especially on short-stroke cylinders.
Turck Inc., 3000 Campus Dr., Plymouth, MN 55441, (800) 544-7769,

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