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Machine Design

Miniature valve yields quick response

The X-valve can be used in a variety of industrial, medical, and analytical applications. Flanges on the valve combined with a tubular seal design are reported to eliminate the need for traditional gaskets and the high-installation forces typically required by conventional manifold-mount designs.

The X-Valve is an 8-mm-wide, two-position, three-way digital valve. Its glass-reinforced polybutylene terephthalate-molded body reduces the number of valve components. Aside from providing a compact package this also gives the valve response times down to 10 msec or less.

Instead of separate coils and bodies that fit together, which is common on traditional valves, the X-Valve has the valving mechanism and flow path combined. This is reported to reduce leakage and tolerance problems and let the units handle high flow rates at pressures from 0 to 50 psig.

Electrical terminations on the valve provide a variety of interface options. Barbs are interchangeable for tubing and manifold mounting. In addition to allowing soldering onto a printed-circuit board, the valve has several vertical pins and female receptacles, so common connectors can be used.

This information supplied by Parker Hannifin Corp., Pneutronics Div., Hollis, N.H.


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