Machine Design

Miniature valves

A series of miniature valves is available for single sub-base, standard manifold, sub-D manifold, and PCB-mounted manifold configurations. Depending on the mounting, the valves can be ordered for any one of three electrical-connection configurations. With the direct plug-in style, the electrical connection is made when the valve body is mounted to the sub-base. Additional connector options include the HC (horizontal connector) and TC (top connector), where the connector is plugged into either the rear or top of the coil housing. The subD manifold allows the mounting of up to 22 valves and electrical connection with either a 9 or 25-pin sub-D connector, depending on the number of solenoids needed. The PCB manifold, which provides on-board pneumatics in close proximity to controlling electronics, is limited to plug-in connection, but will come with a PCBmountable connector.

Festo Corp., 395 Moreland Rd., Box 18023, Hauppauge, NY 11788, (800) 993-3786.

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