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Miniature valves keep air clean

A new valve from Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc., Cincinnati, helps ensure air in medical and instrumentation applications — where even the smallest particles could cause serious damage downstream — is clean and contamination-free.

The valves undergo intense cleaning, including ultrasonic cleansing, to remove hydrocarbons and particulates. Assembly, inspection, and testing take place in an enclosed and controlled clean room with positive-pressure, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration.

The Oxygen Clean OE Series electronic values also have an unconventional actuation system. Most solenoid valves use a plunger that moves inside a coil, making the actuator heavy and slow due to relatively high inertia. The OE design, instead, uses a spider spring and armature that reduce mass and speed response. And the spider-spring/armature combination reportedly gives exceedingly long life.

OE Series valves are designed for use with oxygen and low-pressure pneumatic applications. Three models are rated to 105 psi and 0.6 scfm. They are available in two or three-way, normally close of fully ported versions with 6, 12, and 24 Vdc.

Response time is 5 to 1 msec and power consumption is only 0.67 W.

OE Series valves use a spider spring and armature to reduce mass, giving faster response and longer life than that of typical solenoid valves.


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