Motion System Design

MMA offers free upgraded membership

The Mechatrolink Members Association (MMA) announces a membership drive with significant benefits for prospective members. Any end user, machine builder, robot builder, systems integrator, or supplier of motion controls and equipment can join the MMA as a regular member for free. This membership offers myriad benefits, such as preferred access to the fast-growing motion control markets of China and other parts of Asia. These added benefits are good until March 31, 2013, at which point they can be renewed on an annual basis.

A regular membership allows participants to purchase Mechatrolink ASIC chips and sample kits, submit products for certification testing, and introduce and advertise products on the Mechatrolink website. Regular members can also participate in subcommittees and general meetings, make technical inquiries by e-mail and telephone, and receive development support.

Mechatrolink is the most widely used motion control network in Asia and is steadily gaining ground in the U.S. The protocol connects devices such as servomotors, servo amps and I/O to each other and to motion controllers such as PLCs, PACs, and motion controllers. For more information, visit

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