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Machine Design

Modeler Improves Sweeping, Lofting, Piping, And More

Alibre Design 8.0 provides 3D parametric solid modeling for mechanical design and manufacturing.

Modeler Improves Sweeping, Lofting, Piping, and More

The camera-head assembly, modeled in Alibre Design by Reynolds Design Drafting Consultants, mounts to a robotic vehicle that inspects sewer pipes.

The latest release includes Associative Design Booleans which support join, subtract, and intersect commands, and the ability to use multiple parts and assemblies as tools to shape other geometry. 3D Sketch helps shape free-form 3D curves for use in modeling operations, including creating and routing piping or cables, or advanced sweeping and lofting. Enhanced Sweep and Loft Operations support multiple sweep paths or loft-guide curves so users can create more complex sculpted shapes for consumer products and conceptual design. Two-dimensional drawing enhancements include support for images in drawing templates, flexible handling of line styles and color definitions, and improved dimensions. Prices: Alibre Design, $795; Alibre Design Professional, $1,295; and Alibre Design Expert, $1,795.

Alibre Inc.,
1701 N. Greenville Ave., Suite 702,
Richardson, TX 75081,
(972) 671-8492,

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