Machine Design

Modular Pumps

The 5th generation extrex pump is available in four models.

The GP version is a general-purpose pump that puts out 3,600-psi (250-bar) differential pressure and is available in nine sizes. A high-volume, HV model, features wider gears and gives the pump 25% higher specific volume outputs than the GP. It produces 2,900-psi differential pressure and comes in three sizes. A high-pressure horsepower model has narrow gears and develops up to 5,800-psi differential pressure, with specific volume 35% lower than the GP. It is available in seven sizes. The model RB, designed for rubber and elastomer applications, features cooled shafts and looser clearances than the GP. It is available in four sizes. All models sport refined inlet and outlet flow channels and are modular, so bearings and seals can be interchanged between all models.

Maag Pump Systems Textron Inc., 2915 Whitehall Park Dr., Charlotte, NC 28273, (704) 716-9000,

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