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Molded Rocker Switch Sports TV Ratings

The snap-in mounted JW Series of devices are billed as the industry's first molded rocker switches with TV ratings.

They are designed to handle large inrush currents. JWM models are certified for TV-5 rating and JWL models for TV-8. All versions are constructed for dust resistance with an interior seal of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) between the actuator and contact area. External insulating barriers increase the insulation resistance and dielectric strength. The rocker cap is an integral part of the switch. Housing and case are polyamide, a heat-resistant resin meeting UL 94V-0 standards. Terminals are molded in and epoxy sealed to lock out flux, dust, and other contaminants. They are specially designed to break light contact welds. JWL devices are rated at 16 A at 125/250 Vac. The JWL Series also features a rating of 5 A at 72 Vdc for telecommunication power distribution switching. Its capabilities exceed a 160-A inrush load. Flammability rating is UL94V-0. All JW Series switches, with the exception of the JWM panel-sealed version, can be ordered with flat or barrier flanges. JWM versions are rated 10 A at 125/250 Vac. There is also a panel-sealed version, the JWMW, rated to IP67 of IEC529 standard. This is similar to NEMA-4 and 6. This device has an exterior seal covering the flange.

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