Machine Design

Motion Control With High-Speed Stepper Control

The Model 5954 motion controller from Technology 80 Inc., Minneapolis, features a PMD 1451A DSP with a custom chip for 1.5-MHz maximum step-rate/axis. The DSP generates S-curve and other stepper profiles to control position, acceleration, velocity, and jerk. A 1.25-MHz incremental encoder input per axis provides position feedback and stall detection. Encoders cross-reference the actual versus the desired position with a presettable tolerance window for stall detection. Read-in status or interrupts can be generated on stalls. Hardware is fully software-configurable, eliminating the need for jumpers or potentiometers. High-speed clamping diodes provide extended transient protection against external spiking and noise. Current-limiting resistors harden the motion controller's hardware for industrial environments.

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