Machine Design

Motion Controller

eries MCBL/MCDC 3006 C/S motion controllers are based on a digital signal processor, which provides high performance, precise positioning, control at very low speeds, and continuous output current to 6 A. Model MCDC 3006 is for use with dc micromotors while Model MCBL 3006 is for use with brushless dc motors.

S A printed-circuit-board version (MCBL 3003 or MCDC 3003) is for superordinate systems. The controllers operate with an RS-232 or CAN interface. Networked control of up to 127 drives is possible with the CAN interface.

MicroMo Electronics Inc., A Faulhaber Group Co., 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 33762, (800) 807-9166,

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