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Motion-processor IC - Performance Motion Devices Inc

The latest version of the 58000 Series Magellan motion-processor IC expands the number of traceable variables to 64, covering eight major areas of motion-control functions. This extended capability allows virtually all system-level motion variables to be captured and displayed later for analysis.

The state-of-the-art trace capability captures real-time variables such as encoder position, motor command, position error, etc., into hardware buffers for future retrieval. The buffers ensure the load, speed, and response time of the system in diagnostic mode are the same as during operational mode.

The eight functional trace areas are: trajectory generation, encoder feedback, servocontrol, commutation, motor output, general-purpose input, signal status, and system clock. Retrieval of trace data can be via RS-232 serial, RS-485 serial, CANbus communications, or parallel-word communications ports.

Performance Motion Devices Inc. (PMD), 55 Old Bedford Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773, (781) 674-9860,

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