Machine Design

Motor And Drive System

ServoStar 600 motor and drive system from Kollmorgen, Radford, Va., handles 230 and 480-V applications including material handling, packaging, and printing. The system has current ratings of 3 to 20 A with an integrated power supply, and it drives motors with output torque of 1.29 to 48 N-m. It accepts 230 and 480-V, three-phase ac inputs. The amplifier can be used with existing 230-V systems and be upgraded to 400 or 480-V operation without changing the drive cabinet. Multidrop configurations let a PC or PLC communicate with amplifiers through an RS-232 connection to reduce system wiring and simplify connectivity. Installation and setup are completed through a built-in parameter unit or a graphical environment called MotionLink. ServoStar 600 handles motion tasks that usually require a programming language through "fill-in-the-blank" motion screens. Motion tasks include absolute and relative moves (index) and linking of motion tasks (sequencing).

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