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Machine Design

Motor controller for mobile robots

A microcomputer-based dc motor controller puts out 30 A on each channel at up to 40 V.

The AX1500 targets mobile robotic vehicles including automaticguided vehicles (AGV), underwater remote-operated vehicles (ROVs), and robots for exploration, hazardous material handling, and military and surveillance applications. The motor controller is equally suitable to most traditional machines and factory automation. It sits on a 4.2-in. square board and accepts commands from either standard R/C radio for simple remote-controlled applications or serial port interface. With the serial port, the AX1500 can be used to design fully or semiautonomous robots by connecting it to single-board computers, wireless modems, or wireless LAN adapters. The two controller channels can operate independently or be combined to set the direction and rotation of a vehicle by coordinating the motion on each side. The motors may operate in open or closed-loop speed mode. Using position sensors, they may also be set to operate as heavy-duty position servos. The AX1500 is available with cable and configuration software.

Roboteq Inc., 8180 E. Del Plomo Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85258, (602) 617-3931,

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