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Machine Design

Motor Products: Brushless motors

Designed with an integral controller, new brushless motors target uses that include control of automatic doors and door lifts, access barriers, rolling advertisement boards, intelligent conveyor systems, robotic swimming-pool cleaners, and machine subassemblies. A controller, brushless-motor drive, motor, and gearbox fit in a 2.5 × 6-in. package. The brushless motor features a surprisingly high starting torque given its compact size. Motors range from 30 to 80 W in several configurations. They produce up to 0.3 Nm in the directdrive configuration, up to 3.5 Nm in the right-angle configuration, and up to 30 Nm in the planetary configuration (custom torques are also available). Also included are analog output and internal torque (current) sensing. Programming is via graphical function blocks.

Crouzet North America, 2470 Coral St., Bldg. D, Vista, CA 92081, (760) 597-6322,

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