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Machine Design

Motor Products: Combo servomotor/controller

The SM 2316D-PLS2 and SM 2316DT -PLS2 servomotors are complete servosystems with built-in controller, amplifier, and encoder. The PLS2 versions have a 4,000-cpr encoder, enhanced trajectory overshoot braking functions to stop larger loads, high-speed position capture input to enable registration in less than 5 μsec, programmable software overtravel limits, and choice of absolute and relative CAM mode with CAM dwell. The SM 2316DT -PLS2 delivers more than 200 W of continuous shaft power. Other enhancements target coordinated-motion CNC applications for plasma, laser, and water-jet cutting as well as CNC routing and milling.

Animatics, 3200 Patrick Henry Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054, (408) 748- 8721,

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