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Machine Design

Motor Products: Compact servomotors

The 8LSA Series servomotors offer high-performance dynamics, precision, and dependability. A 19-bit encoder is a standard feature and 25-bit encoders are available. Both variants are also available as multiturn encoders to eliminate the need for homing procedures. Motor temperature gets monitored with two independent systems. A linear temperature sensor sits in the motor winding and sends readings to the inverter. A temperature model integrated in the inverter also calculates a virtual motor temperature from the process data. All relevant mechanical and electrical information and data is stored in the encoder. As soon as the encoder is connected to the servodrive and the power comes on, the motor is automatically identified. The motor sends its rated parameters and limit parameters to the servodrive. The drive then automatically determines the current limits and current control parameters for optimal control.

B&R Industrial Automation Corp., 1325 Northmeadow Pkwy., S-130, Roswell, GA 30076, (770) 772- 0400,

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