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Motor rebates madden reader

I was very disappointed to see you touting the NEMA grab for my tax money, with the happygram about using $350 million in subsidies to promote the sale of energy-efficient motors [What's new, May issue]. It's not like these motors are emerging technology. The market has had years to weigh the balance between what the motor manufacturers charge for efficiency improvements vs. the benefits and value of that efficiency.

If I remember correctly from past readings, the reality is that most motors are operating at loads far below full nameplate capacity, meaning that the efficiency claims are actually wildly optimistic. But that's O.K.; if you can't sell them on the free market, just belly up to the trough and let the taxpayers pay for them. And then I realized you ran the NEMA promotion on the page following the Adam Smith editorial [In the Loop, May issue]. I can't decide if it's funny, or ironic, or sad.
Anonymous in N.C.

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