Motion System Design

Motor testing crucial to British Airways

Responding to a need by British Airways Avionic Engineering, Magtrol SA of Fribourg, Switzerland, developed a complete turn-key system to test a wide range of electrical motors used on passenger aircraft in accordance with the OEM's CMM (Component Maintenance Manual). Motors tested include flap motors, starter motors, rotary actuators, and fans.

By simulating and measuring parameters like torque, speed, and electrical power of motors, the test system helps verify that the motors can achieve their specifications under actual flight conditions. Long life tests can also be performed.

With three dynamometer benches and one fan-testing rig, the system enables the user to test motors from 18 mN-m/7 W to 600 N-m/24 kW at speeds up to 30,000 rpm. Three dynamometer technologies are employed-hysteresis, Eddy-current and magnetic powder — covering all likely speed-torque ranges. An additional fan testing rig measures speed, electrical power consumption, and vibration of aircraft fan motors.

All data from the tests can be programmed and saved, allowing the procedure to be recalled every time a motor returns for testing.

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