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Machine Design

Motor-Testing Software

M-Test 5.0 motor-testing software is designed for Windows 2000/XP operating systems for PC-based data acquisition.

The software tests and calculates up to 22 different performance characteristics. In addition to ramp, curve, and manual testing, the program provides pass/fail testing for production line and inspection applications. It can read and monitor up to 32 thermocouples or analog sensors. M-Test 5.0, with complete dynamometer control, allows for sensor measurements while performing load simulations for duty-cycle and life testing. A new "Compare" function lets users overlay data from two separate tests on the same graph, and new "Cursor" tools obtain the X and Y coordinates of any point on a curve and magnify any section of a graph. The single-plot, graphical-data-output option displays up to three separate one-axis graphs (one for each tested parameter) in the same window.

Magtrol Inc.
70 Gardenville Pkwy.
Buffalo, NY 14224
(716) 668-5555

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