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Machine Design

Motorized Pulleys

Motorized pulleys with integrated shaft encoders let conveyor-system operators synchronize product movements.

The encoders monitor conveyor-belt speed, position, torque, and rotational direction producing SKF or SNR pulse outputs. These pulleys can achieve conveyor belt accuracies up to ±0.0002 in. at speeds of 19 to 500 fpm. The encoders are hermetically sealed within a stainless-steel housing and meet Class IP66 and IP67 standards. Pulley diameters range from 3.18 to 12.6 in., with face widths from 7.8 to 67 in. Pulleys mount with two brackets and need no external component maintenance.

BDL America, 101 Portwatch Way, Wilmington, NC 28412,
(910) 790-8008,

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