Machine Design

Motors that can take it

Motors are often placed in severe environments with extremely high and low temperatures, excessive vibrations, and dust-laden air. And in chemical-processing plants they are exposed to lots of corrosive contaminants. To meet these challenges, Baldor Motors makes a line of Severe Duty motors that include units that exceed IEEE 841 specifications and Chemical Processing (CP) units explicitly designed to withstand harsh chemical

All the motors are "inverter ready," meaning they meet NEMA's requirements for corona-inception voltages, and they withstand peak voltages of 1,600 V. They are rated for a constant torque over speed ranges up to 20:1. The motors are built with Class F insulation, Class B temperature rise, and a 1.15 service factor. For corrosion resistance, they carry epoxy finishes, regreasable ball bearings, oversized cast-iron conduit boxes, and other specialized hardware.

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