Machine Design

Multiaxis Motion Controllers

Ensemble Epaq controllers will handle up to six motion axes, coordinating motion of up to five independent tasks.

These devices drive and control linear or rotary brushless, dc brush servo, and microstepping motors. Programming languages include AeroBasic, Microsoft.Net including C#, VB.Net, Managed C++, Native MFC C++, or LabView. Applications range from basic laboratory experimentation and general-purpose positioning to advanced OEM systems. The controllers can daisychain three extra drives to permit command of up to nine axes of coordinated motion. Drive types can be mixed and matched (linear versus PWM, brush or brushless, stepper, etc.) within the same positioning system, using a common programming and control platform. A single Windows PC, through Ethernet or USB, can run multiple controllers. Optional on-board encoder interpolation offers programmable axis resolution, including the ability to change interpolation (multiplication) values through software.

Aerotech, 101 Zeta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238, (412) 967-6854,

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