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Multiport distribution box fits in tight spaces

Hooking-up sensors, actuators, photoelectrics, and valves is claimed to be quicker and easier now using a new distribution box from Murrelektronik Inc., Doylestown, Pa.

With four, six, or eight ports available in four or five-pole versions, the low-profile, lightweight MVP12 Passive Distribution Box handles multiple connections, reducing cabling and space needed for wiring a machine or control panel.

A prewired cable connector snaps onto the box and fits different lengths and types of cable. The box's quick-connect feature eliminates the need for costly connectors. With quick-connect, machine builders can disconnect wires in the box without having to disconnect them in the control panel. This comes in handy for large machines, such as those used in transfer lines or material management systems, that typically need to be sectioned for transporting.

A traditional distribution box has a cable molded into the connector housing. With this design, builders can either disconnect all of the box's I/O then transport the box with the control panel, or disconnect the wires in the control panel and ship it with the distribution box and I/O. Either option requires a lot of rewiring. With the MVP12, a builder simply disconnects wires in the box and then sends the box with one machine section while the cable goes with the other. Builders can then reconnect machines by simply attaching two screws, and rewiring is eliminated.

The MVP also offers power isolation so that each side of the box can be powered separately. This is useful in an emergency-stop situation when builders need to shut-down the machine but keep valuable feedback information going to the PLC.

The MVP12 is rated to IP 67 and also features LED power and signal indicators.

For more information contact:
Murrelektronik, Inc.
Doylestown, PA
[email protected]

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