Machine Design

Multitapped Class-2 Control Transformer

Targeted for use in welders, battery chargers, overhead cranes, HVAC equipment, door openers, and industrial and motor controls, these transformers are designed to Class-2 Not-Inherently Limited specifications.

The units feature an integral 3-AG fuse holder and 0.25 X 0.032-in. QC tab connections. Standard models are available with a wide range of primary input voltages at 50/60 Hz, with standard output of 24 V at 50 VA. Each size and model includes UL-recognized Class-130 (B) insulation. IEC, EN, and CE-compliant designs are available. Alternate versions can be configured to meet specific customer requirements.

Foster Transformer, 3820 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223, (800) 963-9799,

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