Machine Design

Nanopositioning stage - Nippon Pulse America Inc.

The SCR100 is an ultrahigh precision, single-axis stage that integrates a slide guide, encoder, and linear-shaft motor. The stage’s moving-magnet design, locates all cables and connectors in the stationary base. The resulting absence of any moving cable eliminates motion errors due to cable forces. A precision ground cross-roller way provides high stiffness and smooth motion. Together they are capable of supporting higher torque levels due to offset loads with travels from 50 to 300 mm. The noncontact linear shaft motor and optical linear encoders are self-contained inside the stage. The built-in noncontact optical linear encoder comes with resolutions from 1 micron to 10 nm with digital output.
The linear-shaft motor is a coreless direct-drive linear motor that has higher resolution, speed, and continuous force than standard stepper motors and piezo servomotors.
Nippon Pulse America Inc.,4 Corporate Dr., Radford, VA 24141, (540) 633-1677,

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