Machine Design

Natural-Gas-powered diaphragm pumps

Three new natural-gas-powered diaphragm pumps meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA 2.01) requirements and are ice and stall-free.

The pumps’ major valves generate strong, positive shift signals and effectively manage gas pressure. By utilizing “unbalanced” valves, the pumps create optimal pressure differentials, ensuring they do not center and stall the pump, even under low gas inlet pressures. They also feature bolted, all-metal construction for leak-tight integrity and structural strength, delivering a maximum material flow up to 133 lpm. The pumps are lube-free and come with a 5-yr warranty.

Ingersoll Rand, Box 0445, 155 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Montvale, NJ 07645, (201) 573-0123,

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