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Network controls car voltage

The IRVR101, an alternator voltage regulator, lets users adjust the setpoint voltage of automotive-charging systems that need optimized alternator control.

It is built by International Rectifier,El Segundo, Calif. (, and lets engineers adjust the setpoint voltage between 10.7 and 16.0 V using the Local Interconnect Network communications protocol. Controlling slew rate and filtering the interface lines makes the device electromagnetically compatible. It uses thick-film hybrid technology for reliable hightemperature operation (40 to 150°F). Laser-trimmed resistors are set to within 1% of their face value. The regulator consists of a control ASIC attached using flip-chip technology to save space, a discrete low-side power MOSFET, a recirculation diode, and several passive components. Standby current is under 200 A, and it has protection against short circuits and full diagnostics.

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