Machine Design

Network Server Lets Different Protocols Work Together

The Digi One IAP industrial device server is said to be the first interoperable device server featuring industrial protocol bridging.

Protocol-bridging technology lets industrial Ethernet and serial protocols transparently intercommunicate. Use of the technique lets Modbus, Allen-Bradley, and ASCII devices such as PLCs, drives, bar-code readers, scales, and RFID devices work together. The device server also features 64 socket connections. Network and protocol translations are transparent to the end device. In addition to protocol conversion, the Digi One IAP also acts as a traditional device server by letting any industrial device with a serial port connect to the Ethernet. It handles industrial applications requiring COM ports, serial tunnelling, and where TCP/UDP Socket functionality is necessary for critical device management and monitoring. It also features a pass-through port, which is an additional COM port that lets users connect devices locally to a PLC without interrupting the existing PLC-to-Ethernet connection.

Digi International,
11001 Bren Rd. E, Minnetonka, MN 55343,
(877) 912-3444,

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