Machine Design

New bore sizes for cylinders

Bimba Manufacturing Co., Monee, Ill., has added two bore sizes to its Twin Bore cylinder line. The double-bore cylinders are available in 6 and 8-mm bore sizes. The smaller bores have the features of the 12 to 32-mm sizes including long piston-rod bearings for increased radial-load capacity and accurate travel, along with dual bores to exert twice the force of traditional cylinders while supplying nonrotating actuation. The Twin Bore cylinder comes in basic, double-end, and air-table models. The basic and double-end rod models include composite bushing and recirculating ball bearings. The air-table cylinder combines a rigid linear rail with recirculating ball bearings. Bumpers and retract-stroke adjustment are standard on single and double-end models. Air-table models include external-stroke adjustment and shock absorbers for the 8-mm bore size.

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