Machine Design

New clamps use springs to take on heavy wires

Installing large-gauge wire just got easier thanks to the WAGO 285 Series Power Clamp from WAGO Corp., Germantown, Wis. The new Power Clamp is said to be the first of its kind to connect conductors from 4 awg to 3/0 using a spiral-spring. A standard 8-mm T-Wrench actuates the spring, opening the clamp. Then, with the push of a button, the spring locks, keeping the cable entrance open, letting an installer use both hands to insert the cable. Once the cable is inserted, an installer simply turns the spiral spring slightly, releasing the locking tab and clamping the wire securely in the terminal block.

Current rating is 232 A with a rated voltage of 1,000 V. The individual Power Clamp terminals can be connected by a jumper. Continuity is easily checked using a special test probe. A grounding version tested to more than 11 kA is also available.

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