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New Electrical/Electronic Products: Compact Photoelectricsensor Family

The OHDK10 Spot Beam Sensor features a spot-shaped laser-light source available in 0.1, 2, or 4-mm diameters. The OHDK10 Line Beam Sensor features a line beam that detects objects with milled grooves or drilled holes such as printed-circuit boards. The line sensor can also detect edges on printing webs.

The FHDK10 Fixed-range Background-suppression Sensor is available with fixed 30, 50, or 80-mm sensing ranges. True background suppression eliminates signal interference related to background reflection and target color.

The FVDK10 Fiber Optic Sensor is an amplifier for plastic-fiber-optic cables. The sensor can be used with standard 2.2-mm plastic-fiber-optic cables in applications where traditional sensors cannot be mounted close to a target.

All of the Series 10 sensors feature a 10 × 30 × 15-mm housing, and a visible red-light source for alignment. Both cable and M8 connector versions are available.

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