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Machine Design

New Product: Ac Drive

The compact J1000 ac drive features a standard internal braking transistor for overexcitation braking, lifetime monitors that continuously monitor key components, and the ability to operate a larger motor with the normal duty rating. Both hardware and software peripherals may be used for file storage to program multiple drives quickly or for backup. The drive comes in 1/8 to 7.5 hp with voltages of 200 to 240-V single-phase, 200 to 240-V three-phase, and 380 to 480-V threephase, all of which are 50/60 Hz.

The drive has an open-loop V/f control with a 40:1 speed range; a normal (120% overload for 60 sec) and heavy-duty (150% overload for 60 sec) rating, starting torque of 150% at 3 Hz, vibration resistance from 20 to 50 Hz, a swing PWM function for less audible motor noise, 0 to 400-Hz output frequency, Modbus communication to 38.4 kbps, and a short-circuit current rating of 30 kA rms symmetrical.

Yaskawa Electric America Inc.
2121 Norman Dr. S
Waukegan, IL 60085
(800) 927-5292

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