Machine Design

New Product: Adjustable linear drives

A simple mechanical pitch adjustment lever lets users adjust rollingring drive velocity on the fly, without changing gears.

The standard design has a 10-notch selector that changes pitch by a factor of 0.01 or 0.02/notch, depending on lineardrive model. An optional control knob attached to a threaded rod and worm gear permits finer tuning. This mechanical adjustment simplifies set-up and operation of the linear drive and makes complex gear-reducing devices and electronics unnecessary. The pitch adjustment devices are available on the RG line of Uhing rolling-ring linear drives. The units provide a backlashfree option for applications that require smooth linear motion, such as spraying, scanning, measurement, traversing material onto a reel, and packaging.

Amacoil Inc., Box 2228, Aston, PA 19014, (610) 485-2357,

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