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Machine Design

New Product: Air-Filter Regulator

The Type-300 Gulf Buster Filter Regulator is designed to stand up to harsh saltwater environments.

The aluminum-bodied regulator has stainless-steel parts that include trim, internal construction (including internal valve stem), and external hardware, including fasteners, drain valve, and adjusting stem.

The regulator comes in …-in. NPT porting and features 0 to 30, 0 to 60, and 0 to 100-psig output; 250-psig maximum supply pressure; operates at –20 to 180°F; 20-scfm flow capacity at 100-psig supply with 20-psig output; 0.1-scfm exhaust capacity with downstream 5 psig above setpoint; and less than 5-scfh air consumption. Effect of Supply Variation is less than 0.2 psig for 25-psig change. ControlAir Inc., 8 Columbia Dr.,

NH 03031
(603) 886-9400

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