Machine Design

New Product: Brushless ac servomotors

The BSM R-Series brushless ac servomotors deliver peak torques to 33.63 lb-in. (3.8 Nm).

These highperformance, low-maintenance alternatives to stepper motors and dc servomotors come in either 40 or 60 mm square frame sizes, with options of one or two winding stacks, to provide continuous stall torque ratings of 1.4 to 11.24 lb-in. (0.16 to 1.27 Nm), and 4.25 to 33.63 lb-in (0.48 to 3.8 Nm) peak torques. The smallest one-stack motor measures 1.6 2.32 in. long, and weighs just 0.88 lb. The motor's power and feedback connections are via long flying leads. Motors can be specified with a resolver or 2000 PPR encoder fitted for positional feedback.

Baldor Electric Co.,
Box 2400, Fort Smith, AR 72901,
(479) 646-4711,

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