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Machine Design

New Product: Differential Flowmeter

The FreeFlow differential flowmeter measures flow rates of process water inline without moving parts.

The meter’s minimally invasive segmented wedge design is said to be low cost and require little maintenance. Flow rates of 5 to 15 gpm are relayed wirelessly up to 200 ft. The sensors have an accuracy of ±2% and a precision of ±0.5% of full scale up to 125 psi and 170°F. Tap water at 70°F is the recommended calibration media.

The end ports and wedge are constructed from durable PVC. Polyetherimide forms the unit’s housing. For 0.75-in. tubing, the meter is 7.5 5.25 2.22 in. Smaller diameter piping allows shorter dimensions. Meters can be flange mounted in any orientation with or without straight inlet or outlet plumbing.

AW-Lake Co.
8809 Industrial Dr.
Franksville, WI 53126
(800) 850-6110

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