Machine Design

New Product: EMI Shielding Standard

EMI shielding Standard and custom board-level EMI shielding are manufactured using a photochemical etching process that supports very intricate geometries without expensive tooling.

Heat dissipating through-holes, logos, and nomenclatures can be added. For easy rework and component access, two-piece designs with removable covers are available. Standard two-piece designs have a spring-finger-style attachment between fence and cover. Shielding is typically etched from 0.007 to 0.020-in. brass with tin plating. Multicavity designs are manufactured by incorporating internal fences that let multiple components be shielded with the same part. Onepiece designs use depth-etch bend lines for hand forming. Mounting options include solder through-hole, push-through retention pins, or SMT pad configurations. Low-profile options for portable, handheld applications and smaller form factors are available.

Tech-Etch Inc.,
45 Aldrin Rd., Plymouth, MA 02360,
(508) 747-0300,

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