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Machine Design

New Product: Fast power switch

The FPS FSFR2100 power switch works with resonant converter designs such as telecom power, high-end audio amplifiers, large-size laser printers, and LCD and PDP TV power supplies.

It integrates into one package everything necessary to build resonant converters and includes a pulsefrequency- modulation controller with a high-voltage gate-driver circuit and two fast-recovery MOSFETs along with soft-start, burst operation and protection features. A zero-voltage switching technique lets the switch handle up to 200 W without a heat sink and up to 450 W with a heat sink. Compared to conventional hard-switch converter topologies, efficiency is by 10% better and for applications such as PDP-TVs, efficiency reaches 97%. Switching noise is also lower by at least 5 dB compared to hard switching techniques. Offering burst operation function, the switch brings standby power consumption below 1 W.

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp., 82 Running Hill Rd., South Portland, ME 04106, (800) 832-5505,

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