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Machine Design

New Product: IEEE 1588 MCU and Module

The IM3220 combines traditional CISC architectures with FPGA flexibility for time synchronization.

Available as a stand-alone MCU (IM3220-BA10) or drop-in module (IM3220-M210), the IM3220 reduces the cost of an external (local) oscillator by obtaining high-precision time via the IEEE 1588 protocol. The IM3220 supports two 10/100 Ethernet ports, three UARTs with speeds up to 920 kbytes/sec, an I2C or SPI port, and eight DMA channels with a sustained 83-Mbytes/sec throughput. The 24 45-mm module comes with 32-Mbytes DRAM, 8-Mbytes Flash, and clock circuitry.

Imsys Technologies AB, Johanneslundsvgen 3, SE-194 61 Upplands Vsby, Sweden, +46 8 594 110 70,

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